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Kind Words & Testimonials From Clients

“Thank you for your time and professionalism :-)” -Nicole, Realtor

“I appreciate you crawling through standing water to photograph rotting posts.  :-)” -Robin, Client

“Thank you Casey, for a very thorough and nicely presented report of the house condition. Really appreciated you taking a look and quick response. Thanks again.” – Dennis, Client

“Thank you Casey! You were wonderful with my clients and I have already recommended you to another agent! Thanks again!” – Mitzi, Realtor


“Thanks Casey!  We appreciate your time and thoroughness!” -Judy, Client

“Thank you Casey !!! Great Job !!! IMPRESSIVE….” -David,  Realtor


“Thank you for everything today!! You have the patience of an angel! I know their mom and a million and one questions and you rock it out of the park! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! I’ll definitely be working with you again!! The report is awesome! Love all the pictures and details!! ” – Lori, Realtor


“Very professional and thorough job Casey.  Thank you!” -Tom, Client

“Thank you for your work and for going back for the fireplace. I’ll be sure to pass along your info in case I come across anyone in need of an inspector. Have a great day” – Abel, Client

“Thank You Casey… Great Job. ” -T.J., Realtor

“Thank you for your the attachments and for your fast service! :) ”  -True, Client

“Thanks very much for the work.  You put together a great product and I would certainly recommend you for a friend’s home inspection needs.  I feel much more confident moving forward with this house having seen the level of detail that you approached this inspection with. ” -Jacob, Client

“Thank you Casey. By the way, your report is very detailed and thorough. Thanks for your help!” -Patrick, Client