Fall Maintenance



It is essential to complete Fall Maintenance to ensure your homes integrity.

    Check all weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors. Replace or repair as needed.
    Check for cracks and holes in house siding. Fill with caulking as necessary.
    Remove window air-conditioners, or put weatherproof covers on them.
    Take down screens (if removable type). Clean and store.
    Check storm windows and doors. Clean and repair as needed. Put back up (if removable type).
    Drain outside faucets (cold climate areas).
    Clean gutters and drain pipes so that leaves won’t clog them.
    Check roof for leaks. Repair as necessary.
    Check flashing around vents, skylights, and chimneys for leaks.
    Check chimney for damaged chimney caps and loose or missing mortar. Is it time for a professional chimney cleaning?
    Check chimney flue. Clear obstructions. Make sure damper closes tightly.
    Lubricate door hinges and locksets with a light oil.


    Check insulation wherever possible. Replace or add as necessary.
    Have heating system and heat pump serviced. Change filters.
    Check and clean humidifier in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
    Drain hot water heater. Remove sediment from bottom of tank.
    Vacuum refrigerator coils.
    Clean fireplace.

Fall Maintenance Image