Three Important Rules for a Home Inspector

Casey has been presenting the Three Important Rules for a Home Inspector to Realtors and other clients.   Here are the keys:


1.  Customer is king…. Your client is the most important part of the real estate transaction. They should be treated with respect and care. They deserve our full attention, letting them know we are there for them.  For most, this is the biggest investment of their lives and they should be assured of making a good decision for themselves and their families.


2.  Educate the buyer…. While walking through the home inspection with the buyer, they will be told honest things their house may need.  Our job is to truthfully inform them WITHOUT SCARING THEM OFF.  The main focus, however, is to point out the positive and great things the house includes. The positive aspects of the home should always outweigh those areas that need attention. This will create a sense of confidence and comfort for the homeowner.


3.  Ensure the buyer they can trust their Realtor …. There will be opportunities during the home inspection to address the Realtor’s expertise.  The Realtor’s job as the homeowner’s agent is to guide the client through the home buying process with professionalism and confidence from beginning to end.  We support the  agent to help them navigate through that process.  We do this in the presence of the agent, if possible.  This puts everyone “on the same page” and helps create buzz and excitement about the venture.